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by Dwayne Redmond


Die . . . Black Boy?

by Dwayne Redmond

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A Revelation

by Dwayne Redmond


I've been meaning to write a review on this book and just getting around to it. This book really hits home on a lot of issues that everyone faces at one point of their lives. Very inspirational and uplifting . Enjoyed it tremendously and definitely a must read. Couldn't put it down because you want to see what the next poem is about. He has included almost every aspect of someones life. Everything from humor, tragedy, and reality. Go get this one. You won't be disappointed.

Mr. Redmond is truly a gifted author. Hopefully, he will do another book one day. I'll be waiting with baited breath. 

(A Revelation)

Sharon T.

Good read! The author does a great job of relating the story to real life awareness of senseless violence.
(Die . . . Black Boy?)

Kenneth W.

I read this book about 2 weeks ago and I must say that it was captivating. I figured it would take about a week to finish reading it due to my time being limited. I finished the book in less than 8 hrs at work. After every chapter I anticipated the next and could not put it down. My 11 year old son started reading it as soon I gave it to him. In my opinion, it's the first of its kind!!
(Die . . . Black Boy?)

Amazon Customer

While visiting my best friend, she shared a book of poems with me. Knowing that I was fond of poetry she knew I would like this one. While preparing for bed in her guess room, I thumb through some pages. "Passion" was one of the first that sparked my attention. I laid across the bed and read a few pages more "A Soft Kiss" got me smiling and making me check the title of the book once again...."A Revelation"

This was a book that helped me to journey with him through different times in his life, while making me reflex on my own. His collection of poems can even bring about a good laugh when I think on "Big Dog, Short Gate" poem....It made me think he must have passed my house on that day.

When I awoke the next day I asked my best friend could I have the book. She said that she would have to order me one. Needless to say when my book came in the mail I couldn't wait to read it. It was so worth the wait. 

(A Revelation)

Connie White

One of the best books I've read and truly can relate too. Today's society don't understand the characteristics of life in the 70's, 80's & 90's when family and friends were truly loyal to the streets. I want to personally shout the author of this book a real dude true friend. It was all a dream use to read word up magazine (Biggie). Me Against The World (Tupac). 
(Die . . . Black Boy?)

Richey Rich

Rustic and beautifully written. This is definitely a fascinating journey through time of his personal life's journey. You'll find that many of these poems were at times thought provoking, and totally compelling...very easy to relate. Whether you're inspired by love poems, spiritual, political, etc...they are all just as equally captivating, and uplifting depending on your state of mind while reading. Any Generation could pick this up, and I GARANTEE if not many, something will touch your heart.
(A Revelation)

Zion Iye

Raising two black boys (in a small town), I consider it a must read so they can get a small glimpse of what an inner city child their age has to deal with from day to day. My small town boys (ages 10 &13) don't have ANY IDEA!!! I'll encourage others to read it, so we (as adults) can all help in being a great supportive community for those little ones who are dealing with death far too soon or seeing far more than they should before becoming A MAN! 
(Die . . . Black Boy?)

Michael White

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